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Volunteers at Food Bank

About The Butte Emergency Food Bank

The Butte Emergency Food Bank operates with the intention that no individual or family in the community experiences the fear and pain of hunger. Each year we distribute about 1,300,000 pounds of food–canned goods; boxed and bagged food; diapers; milk; bread and bakery items; meat and more–to Butte area residents, about 2,700 people each month.

Our Staff

The Butte Emergency Food Bank is a volunteer operation. All of our volunteers take great pride in the Food Bank and in their service. They work hard, laugh a lot, enjoy each other’s company, and enjoy giving back to the community. Most volunteers are retired professionals with many skills and talents and a deep and abiding enthusiasm for public service.

Our Board

Our Board consists of motivated community professionals who generously give time and energy and provide unique perspectives and skills to this agency.

Our Director

Lorraine Hamry is the director and has served in that role since May 2023. She oversees the programs and the work to be done. They work with a volunteer advisory Board of community professionals to set priorities, long-range plans, policies, and guidelines.

By the Numbers

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